The University of Texas at Dallas

Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science


Mechanical Engineering Seminar Series 2018

Mechanical Engineering Seminar Series

Speaker Date Title Affiliation
Walter Voit August 31 High-throughput additive manufacturing based on thiol chemistries The University of Texas at Dallas
Tyler Summers September 7 Control Topology Design in Complex Dynamical Networks The University of Texas at Dallas
Kon-Well Wang September 14 From Muscles to Plants-Nature-Inspired Multifunctional Adaptive Metastructures University of Michigan
Andreas Polycarpou September 21 Micro/nano Mechanics and Nanotribology of Flexible Multilayer Nanocomposites Texas A&M University
Justin Koeln September 28 Hierarchical Model Predictive Control for Energy Management The University of Texas at Dallas
Timothy Fisher October 5 Practice your Scales! Thermal, Energy, and Bio Nanomaterials for Fast Processes UCLA
Charles Meneveau October 12 Fluid Mechanics and Turbulence in Extended Wind Farms Johns Hopkins
Karen Thole October 19 Additively Manufactured MicroChannels for Heat Exchange Penn State University
Kevin Lynch October 26 Motion Planning and Control for Robot and Human Manipulation Northwestern University
Golden Kumar November 2 Precision net-shaping of amorphous metals: lessons from plastics The University of Texas at Dallas
MinJun Kim November 9 Fantastic Voyage: Micro- and Nanorobots Prepare to Advance Medicine Southern Methodist University
Yoav Peles November 16 Enhanced convective heat transfer at the micro scale cooling electronic devices- micro pin fins University of Central Florida
Rick Neptune November 30 Biomechanical Analyses of Human Movement Aimed at Improving Rehabilitation Outcomes The University of Texas at Austin
Mark Spong December 7 The Centrality of Control in Robotics The University of Texas at Dallas