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Dallas County Officials Reported Tuesday on the Their Defense Against a Cyber Attack
Oct 31, 2023

University of Texas at Dallas cyber expert Dr. Murat Kantarcioglu said hackers typically try to access more sensitive files.

“Usually, attackers leave some back doors open so they can continue the attack in the future. So, it’s really important to remove these back doors and any malware they left behind,” he said.

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UT Southwestern, UT Dallas Dedicate Joint Research Facility for Biomedical Engineering
Oct 26, 2023

UT Dallas president Richard Benson said the building will attract students for bioscience research and turn out graduates with skills attractive to area companies. Undergraduate, doctoral and postdoctoral students will work in 32 research labs, 16 from each campus.

“Right now, biomedical engineering and science is just a huge part of our research portfolio, and also a huge attractor for students,” he said. “In both of these ways — the applied research, and the types of students that we graduate — this will really be a boost to the DFW economy.”


UTD Student Creates App to Help Drivers
Oct 5, 2023

A UT Dallas student has built an AI driven app to help you get out of a jam. Routora co-founders, Tom Vazhekatt, a computer science student at UT Dallas, and Luke Blasik, a business student at Notre Dame, join me now to show you how it works.

“The idea has always been in the back of my mind since high school,” Vazhekatt said. “I remember I would go run errands for my parents and I would think to myself, I have to go to Costco, to Walmart, to Kroger, to the gas station. What is the best route that I can take so that I can go back home and finish my homework? But the idea really cemented in college when I had the opportunity to work with a nonprofit organization in the delivery space.”

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(Opinion) Battery Power is Crucial for National Security. Texas Can Help.
Oct 3, 2023

“Creating new manufacturing processes, which is what the domestic energy storage sector needs, requires access to research facilities and intellectual capital that only top-tier research universities and national labs can provide.
The University of Texas at Dallas will help lead this effort with funding from the Department of Defense for a new $30 million initiative that will put Texas at the forefront of advancing battery technologies and developing the necessary workforce to meet industry and national security demands.” – Dr. Joseph Pancrazio, Vice President for Research and Innovation, UT Dallas


UT Dallas Researchers Develop Saliva Test for Marijuana
Sep 22, 2023

Researchers at The University of Texas at Dallas have developed a “hand-held rapid saliva test” that can measure levels of THC, the active ingredient in marijuana.

“We are actively looking for partners to build out the next phases of the technology,” UT Dallas’ head of bioengineering Dr. Shalini Prasad said.

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UT Dallas to Lead $30 Million Battery Technology Initiative from the Department of Defense
Sep 20, 2023

“The funding will support the development and commercialization of new battery technologies and manufacturing, enhancement of the domestic availability of critical raw materials and training in the energy storage workforce.”


UT Dallas Receiving $30 Million for Battery Technology Initiative
Sep 19, 2023

“UT Dallas is taking a deep dive into batteries. The defense department is granting the school $30 million over three years. That’s the largest such grant from a federal agency in the school’s history.“

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Defense Department Awards $30M to Create UT Dallas ‘Energy Storage Systems Campus’
Sep. 18, 2023

UTD’s Dr. Kyeongjae Cho, professor of materials science and engineering in the Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science and co-principal investigator, will lead the project as the director of the Batteries and Energy to Advance Commercialization and National Security (BEACONS) center, UTD said.

“We identified a unique area that satisfies the Department of Defense’s needs for battery technology,” Cho said in a statement. “This investment by the DOD will facilitate collaboration with our industry partners to help ensure reliable, domestic manufacture of lithium-ion cells, as well as the battery packs that support defense systems and advanced commercial systems.”

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The Dallas Ransomware Attack Exposed Private Data for Thousands of People. Now What?
Aug. 16, 2023

Dr. Murat Kantarcioglu is a computer science professor at The University of Texas at Dallas and director of the school’s Data Security and Privacy Lab. He’s studied security and privacy issues in relation to data mining, machine learning, data security and health care.

“To me, based on the previous report, more investment in the technology process and the people education seems to be needed going forward,” Kantarcioglu said. “And because of the personal nature of this data, it may be easier to claim to someone, maybe you are calling from the insurance company… So, this data could be really valuable for hackers for some time, maybe even longer than two years.”

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Considering Buying Solar Panels in Texas? Here’s What to Know
Aug. 16, 2023

The ferocious North Texas sun makes this a good place for considering solar. “More sun means more energy,” said Dr. Julia Hsu, a professor of materials science and engineering and TI Distinguished Chair in Nanoelectronics at UT Dallas who studies solar power. It really is that straightforward.

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New UTD Initiatives Meet Demand for Semiconductor Technology Expertise
Aug. 10, 2023

“Harsh-environment electronics research has become key in industry and national security, and the demand for expertise in this area is growing. CHESS brings together experts who can advance the technology and solve challenges in this highly specialized area,” says Dr. Manuel Quevedo-Lopez, department head of materials science and engineering and the TI Distinguished University Chair in Nanoelectronics in the Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science.

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The Future is Bright for Solar Power in Texas Scientists Say
Aug. 2, 2023

“I think [reluctance to add solar to a home] has nothing to do with the solar [panels],” said Dr. Julia Hsu, professor of materials science and engineering and TI Distinguished Chair in Nanoelectronics. “Solar [panels] work perfectly.” Rather, she said she believes lowering installation costs and providing more incentives will be the most effective ways to spur solar growth. “None of these [problems] can be solved by scientists,” she said.

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UTD Joins New National Cybersecurity Center to Help Protect Connected Vehicles, Drones and More
Aug. 2, 2023

Dr. Ovidiu Daescu, computer science department head and Jonsson School Chair at UTD, called the new TraCR award “the result of many years of hard work by a group of dedicated faculty at the core of the Cyber Security Research and Education Institute (CSI)” and said it “asserts UT Dallas on the national map as a leader in research and development for ensuring the cybersafety of the transportation systems of tomorrow.”

“I see TraCR as a first, yet critical, step in positioning UT Dallas among the universities at the forefront of a transportation systems revolution, powered by technologies that span across most engineering fields,” Daescu said in a statement. “I’m particularly proud of the achievements of Professor Bhavani Thuraisingham, who for years has been the soul and driving force behind CSI.”

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UT Dallas Joins National Effort to Respond to Cyber Attacks on Public Infrastructure
Aug. 1, 2023

Artificial intelligence in smart vehicles is another big concern for cybersecurity. As more vehicles such as self-driving cars, trains and buses become connected to Wi-Fi, they become more susceptible to cyberattacks.

“The attackers are very smart people, right, and they have all the time in the world to, you know, plan collaboratively their attacks,” said Dr. Bhavani Thuraisingham, professor of computer science and Founders Chair in Engineering and Computer Science. “So, keeping up with them is our biggest challenge.”

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Brewing Up Solutions: UT Dallas Students Perk Up Travel and Automated French Press for Coffee Co.
July 29, 2023

Last year, Aniko Somogyi, owner of Austin-based Anikona Coffee, and the UTDesign® Capstoneteam crafted a different innovation—an automated French press. “They were great listeners,” she said. The team’s professionalism, creativity, punctuality, and seamless teamwork resulted in an exceptional product, she added. “They delivered an incredible automated French press.”

When Somogyi saw the final product prototype in person, she said, “It was beyond our expectations.

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From Digital Twins to Sleep Quality Monitors, 17 UTDesign Capstone Projects Tackling Real World Challenges for Companies
June 29, 2023

“The innovative program functions as a high-powered matchmaker—connecting companies with a pool of senior engineering and computer science students, all ready to dive headfirst into your real-world tech challenges. Think of it as your personal team of young savants, each with their own specialty—AI, AR, IoT, computer vision, game development, bioengineering, robotics or software development.”

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Aurora’s Self-Driving Trucks Are on the Road: What It’s Like Inside an Autonomous Big Rig
June 29, 2023

At the end of the day, the truck driving profession won’t go away anytime soon with the addition of autonomous trucks, said Dr. Gopal Gupta, professor of computer science and co-director of the Center for Applied AI and Machine Learning at The University of Texas at Dallas.

“More advancements have to be made and incorporated into how autonomous trucking or autonomous driving is done,” he said.

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Low Wind Could Hamper Wind Turbine Production in Texas
June 15, 2023

Dr. Todd Griffith of UT Dallas’ Wind Energy Center says wind turbines account for the production of about 24% of the state’s energy grid according to recent data.

He says, “On days when the wind is a bit lower we need to compensate for that with these other sources… namely, natural gas and coal sources and nuclear.”

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Dallas to Release Accountability Report Following Ransomware Attack
June 9, 2023

According to Dr. Bhavani Thuraisingham, a cybersecurity expert with UT Dallas, the goal now is to strengthen the security of the systems and better educate staff on any weaknesses to prevent this from happening again.

“I think they would want to attack large cities because that’s where they get maximum coverage,” she said. “It’s only going to give incentive to other groups including Royal to attack. Now will they attack Dallas again? They may not right away.”

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Plano Police to Buy 50 License Plate Readers, See Plan for Controversial Cameras
June 5, 2023

While various municipalities point to the benefits of the technology, Dr. Murat Kantarcioglu, a professor of computer science at The University of Texas at Dallas and director of its data security and privacy lab, said the cameras present privacy concerns.

“You will be able to track the entire movements of a person,” Kantarcioglu said. “Imagine a scenario that [all of] Plano is covered with these cameras. Then by looking at the license plate readers and the data that stores, I could be able to figure out when this person left his or her home.”

“What are the protections to protect this potential sensitive data?” he said.

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The Future of Wind Energy in the US is Floating Turbines as Tall as 30 Rock
May 19, 2023

Back at the pool, Todd Griffith, a mechanical engineering professor from The University of Texas Dallas, was standing near a model prototype of what’s known as a vertical axis wind turbine – a turbine that looks like an eggbeater.

Griffith had traveled from Texas to Maine specifically to use the facility’s unique tools as part of a multiyear research project on another, lesser-known form of offshore wind that could be used in floating projects in the future.


Why Do Google Bard and ChatGPT Get Things Wrong?
May 15, 2023

“So essentially the way they work is that given a phrase, they try to guess the most probable word that will come afterwards,” said Dr. Gopal Gupta, professor of computer science, after he was asked why Google Bard made several errors when news anchor Brandon Todd attempted to use the AI chatbot to write about himself.

“They process all the billions of lines across the Internet and then figure out what patterns are most commonly occurring… It’s going to get confused as it’s trying to guess the next word. So, not a surprise.”


City of Dallas Dealing with Ransomware Attack Against Network
May 3, 2023

Bhavani Thuraisingham, professor of computer science, Founders Chair in Engineering and Computer Science at The University of Texas at Dallas and founder of the Cyber Security Research and Education institute, said a ransomware attack likely means hackers got into the city’s network, encrypted city data and are asking for the city to pay to regain access to the data.

“I’d rather not pay the ransom,” Thuraisingham said. “But in some cases you cannot avoid it. It depends on how prepared they were and whether they had backed up all the data and files they need. All it takes is for the attacker to get into the machine of one person, and if you’re on a network it can spread to everyone on the network.”


City of Dallas Impacted by Ransomware Attack, Police Computer Dispatch System Down
May 3, 2023

“All the attacker has to do is find one loophole, whereas we’ve got to be 100% that there’s no such thing as 100% security yet,” said Bhavani Thuraisingham, professor of computer science at UT Dallas and director of the Cyber Security Research Institute at UTD.

Dallas Morning News

City of Dallas Likely Targeted in Ransomware Attack, City Official Says
May 3, 2023

“It shouldn’t really come as a surprise also because these attackers are never going to stop,” said Dr. Bhavani Thuraisingham, Founders Chair in Engineering and Computer Science.

Dallas Morning News

UTD Scientists Clear Misconceptions, Raise Concerns About Viral AI Chatbot
March 23, 2023

Although an AI chatbot can construct a well-written essay, Jessica Ouyang, an assistant computer science professor at UTD, said it can also make mistakes.

“For example, it might switch the names of two characters from the book you’re supposed to be writing an essay on,” she said. “And unless you are critically reading the essay that it has written for you, you may not realize or notice that.”

ChatGPT appears personable — it answers questions with “I” — and conversational. In some cases, it has seemed to express feelings of love and hate. But Ouyang said that isn’t really true: “Don’t worry, ChatGPT is not going to develop sentience and come after us.”

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The Last Word: UTD’s Dr. Steve Yurkovich on $100K Amazon Robotics Grant
March 13, 2023

“This gift means that our students will be on the cutting edge of something new,” said Dr. Steve Yurkovich, Louis Beecherl Jr. Distinguished Chair at UT Dallas’ Jonsson School of Engineering, on UTD getting a $100K grant from Amazon Robotics to expand course offerings in functional safety.


Chatbots Could Be the Next Big Hacking Tool—Here’s How to Defend Yourself
March 9, 2023

“You could use AI chatbots to make your message sound more believable,” Murat Kantarcioglu, a professor of computer science and Ashbel Smith Professor at The University of Texas at Dallas, told Lifewire in an email interview. “Eventually, fake texts could be almost as good as real texts.”

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‘Groundbreaking’ Soil Sensors From UT Dallas Bioengineers Could Help Combat Climate Change, Food Insecurity
March 9, 2023

“This is the equivalent of having a wearable health sensor on your body that tells you in real-time what’s happening. Think of it as a wearable for the soil,” Dr. Shalini Prasad, department head of bioengineering and the Cecil H. and Ida Green Professor in Systems Biology Science in the Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science, said in a statement. “We are excited about the potential for our soil sensors to provide more accurate testing of living soil in its ecosystem.”


ChatGPT: The Strengths and Limitations of the AI Technology
March 7, 2023

“I think it’s great that more people are able to use ChatGPT technology,” said Dr. Jessica Ouyang, assistant professor of computer science at The University of Texas at Dallas. “We have had natural language processing technology like this for about the past three years, so it’s not necessarily brand new, but I’m glad more people are getting to experience it.”

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Understanding ChatGPT, the AI Chatbot That’s Gone Viral
February 22, 2023

“It’s a tremendously large scale, with a tremendously larger vocabulary of known texts than a human could possibly remember,” said Dr. Jessica Ouyang, assistant professor of computer science.

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Texas ramping up production of semiconductors
February 20, 2023

Dr. Manuel Quevedo-Lopez, professor, department head of materials science and engineering and TI Distinguished University Chair in Nanoelectronics, believes this industry will be key because, according to the Semiconductor Industry Association, for every one job created in the semiconductor industry, 5.7 additional jobs are created. “This institute is the first one in North Texas that brings everybody together. Not just UT Dallas but all the organizations, companies, community colleges and school districts.”

Texas Monthly

We Asked ChatGPT to Define a Taco. Here’s What It Said.
February 2, 2023

“It’s incredible technology that is able to actually pattern match and find a decent response, but it has no understanding of what it is saying,” explains Gopal Gupta, professor of computer science and co-director of the Center for Applied AI and Machine Learning at the University of Texas at Dallas. Large language models like ChatGPT can only work with texts that have been fed to it, whether the information be from books or blogs. To put it another way, ChatGPT is a precocious child parroting what he or she overhears in adult conversations.


Faced With a Sad Puppy, Texas Woman Creates a New Way to Play
January 25, 2023

Smith’s idea was to create an obstacle course Wiggle can use on her own. With the help of students at UT Dallas’ design studio, Smith brought her vision to life. As part of their senior capstone project, students are given the chance to partner with business owners to bring a concept to fruition.

“She stuck her nose over the hurdle and figured out how to get the treat without actually jumping over it,” said senior data science major Bradley McLaughlin.

McLaughlin and the other students quickly closed that loophole. While at work or sick, owners can use an app to give their dogs exercise, playtime or even training.

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UT Dallas opens research center for semiconductor use in harsh situations
January 25, 2023

The University of Texas at Dallas announced Jan. 20 that it opened a new research center to advance semiconductor technology for extreme situations, according to a press release.

“Harsh-environment electronics research has become key in industry and national security, and the demand for expertise in this area is growing,” Dr. Manuel Quevedo-Lopez, professor, department head of materials science and engineering and TI Distinguished University Chair in Nanoelectronics, said in a statement. “[The center] brings together experts who can advance the technology and solve challenges in this highly specialized area.”

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Meet Wiggle. She’s Helping a UT Dallas Team Develop a Treat-Dispensing Agility Course for Home-Alone Dogs
January 23, 2023

“The obstacle course was invented with Wiggle in mind,” student Britanny Hernandez said in a statement. Hernandez, who graduated in December, served as the team’s electrical and computer engineering leader.

“She’s a particularly intelligent dog and was able to trick a prototype’s sensors to get a treat,” Hernandez said. “So we developed a foolproof method so she couldn’t trick the system again.”

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Women Leading Tech and Innovation
January 19, 2023

The University of Texas at Dallas (UT Dallas) celebrates women in STEM. Today, UT Dallas is an internationally ranked research institution, and leaders from the two largest schools—the Naveen Jindal School of Management and the Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science—are a critical part of that. They set expectations and standards of equity and inclusivity to shift the narrative of women in STEM to a place of belonging.

Dr. Diane S. McNulty, associate dean for external relations and communications and professor of corporate governance joins Dr. Stephanie G. Adams, Dean of the Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science, holder of the Lars Magnus Ericsson Chair at UT Dallas and professor of systems engineering.

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Virtual Reality Tool Helps UT Southwestern Physicians Learn to De-escalate Tense Situations
January 10, 2023

To develop a VR program used to help physicians recognize and respond to potentially violent patient encounters, a team from UT Southwestern Medical Center’s Department of Emergency Medicine partnered with UT Dallas’ UTDesign program, which pairs North Texas companies and organizations with senior UT Dallas engineering and computer science students to solve engineering problems.

The goal was to design a tool that not only put the user in the hospital room, but allowed the person to “feel” what was happening, said Todd Polk, PhD, UTDesign director for bioengineering. That was achieved by including a vest and gloves with haptic feedback, mimicking the sensation of touch, along with the VR headset.

“When the VR individual swings at your chest, you actually feel like you’ve been hit,” Dr. Polk said. “You get physical feedback to go along with the virtual reality image.”


Are Your Smart Devices Spying on You?
December 27, 2022

If the holidays brought new technology to your home, you want to be aware of what comes with them. Dr. Murat Kantarcioglu is a cybersecurity expert from UT Dallas. He joined Good Day to talk about smart speakers, mobile devices and even refrigerators that can spy on consumers.

“Our recommendation is to understand the privacy risks and manage those risks,” Kantarcioglu said.


Plano Woman Earns Doctoral Degree from UT Dallas, Marking the 10th Degree Their Family Has Earned from the University
December 17, 2022

A 64-year-old Plano woman earned her doctoral degree from the University of Texas at Dallas (UTD) on Friday, marking the 10th degree earned within her family from the university.

UTD officials said Roberta Hawkins received her doctoral hood with assistance from her daughter, Jessica, in materials science and engineering. It was Roberta Hawkins’ third degree from UTD after earning two master’s degrees.


Dallas Central Appraisal District Hack Still Causing Issues, Tax Bills May Be Delayed for Thousands
December 5, 2022

Dr. Murat Kantarcioglu, professor of computer science, Ashbel Smith Professor and director of UT Dallas’ Data Security and Privacy Lab, says it’s important for entities to have protected back-up systems so if an attack happens they don’t have to skip a beat.

He considers it crucial for local and regional government agencies to be prepared.

“Every city if they don’t have a ransomware plan now, they should have a ransomware recovery plan in place by tomorrow, if they did not have it already by this morning,” Kantarcioglu said.

Community Impact

UT Dallas Unveils Research Features of Innovation Quarter HQ
December 5, 2022

“This is about creating an ecosystem environment for entrepreneurs, small business and the stakeholder community to collaborate and come together,” Richardson Mayor Paul Voelker said.

In addition, UT Dallas has five research centers at the IQ headquarters that represent a range of disciplines from multiple schools within the university. Under the umbrella of the Centers for Emergent Novel Technology at the Innovation Quarter, each individual center is focused on forward-thinking solutions developed from its respective technology specialty, which include applied artificial intelligence, machine learning, imaging, surgical innovation and smart mobility.

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Using Virtual Reality to Relieve Amputees’ Phantom Limb Pain
December 1, 2022

“(Medication) rewires the person’s brain, and when you look at this technology, it’s not doing that. It is tricking your brain to make you believe whatever we want the amputee to believe, but it’s not rewiring the brain in an addictive manner. Well, you can get addicted to the game. You are going to play the game for more time, but that’s not going to spoil your quality of life,” said Dr. Balakrishnan Prabhakaran, professor of computer science at UT Dallas.

Dallas Morning News

Star Wars to Science: Researchers Harvest Water from Air to Address Shortages
November 21, 2022

In “Star Wars,” Luke Skywalker’s character grows up on the hot desert planet Tatooine. His family owns a moisture farm that uses devices called “vaporators” to pull drinking water from the air.

But while vaporators are a figment of science fiction, the technology that makes them work may be moving closer to fact.

“We’re trying to get water everywhere, at any time, anywhere. That’s our goal, ”said Dr. Xianming “Simon” Dai, assistant professor of mechanical engineering at The University of Texas at Dallas.

Dallas Innovates

How Axxess’ John Olajide Built a Bootstrapped Unicorn in Dallas
November 9, 2022

John Olajide BS’04 sees Dallas as the place to continue helping others. Part of that work is through a computer science scholarship fund his donation established at UT Dallas in 2019, helping to launch the careers of others at the university where he got his start. Olajide also said he feels it’s important to support his employees if they choose to launch their own ventures, saying that it’s a “long-game” investment in the North Texas entrepreneurial ecosystem’s pipeline.

“My purpose in life is to serve others. I get up every day thinking about how I can leverage my platform, my talent, my resources — all that I am — to make the world a better place,” Olajide said. “I’ve been blessed to have worked with incredible people that have helped move that forward.”

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UTD Gets $15M to Help More Transfer Students
November 9, 2022

The National Science Foundation funneled $1.5 million to the university to help break down barriers some students may face when choosing to study science, technology, engineering and mathematics, or STEM.

Amy Walker, an associate dean for undergraduate education in the UTD Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science, led the efforts to get the funding.

“I want to make sure students who have the talent and desire to be an engineer or computer scientist have that opportunity,” Walker said in a statement.

Inside Climate News

Warming Trends: Looking to Nature for Insight
October 22, 2022

A team of scientists recently had a breakthrough in their pursuit of building an affordable and portable system to harvest water from the air using no external energy. Their solution increases the rate of harvest by 110 percent.

Dr. Xianming Dai, an assistant professor of mechanical engineering from The University of Texas at Dallas, and his team often look to nature for inspiration when facing an engineering problem, he said. “There can be something very different from the textbook that’s very new and interesting.”

Dallas Innovates

The Last Word: Dr. Joshua Summers on Tech that Harvests Water from the Air
October 4, 2022

“As a huge ‘Star Wars’ fan, I’m excited to see that we’re moving closer to the ‘moisture farms’ of Luke’s youth,” said Dr. Joshua Summers, professor of mechanical engineering and head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at UT Dallas, on research by Dr. Xianming “Simon” Dai and his team on developing tech that accelerates the harvesting of water from the air.

Dallas Innovates

Dallas Route Optimization Startup Routora Aims to Help You Save Time, Money on the Road
September 20, 2022

Now, in his third year of working on a computer science degree at UT Dallas, Tom Vazhekatt is launching Routora—a route optimization tool that solves the problem of his teens while having implications for other individuals and businesses. And while still in beta mode, the company has already begun attracting users globally.

“We essentially create faster and more efficient routes on Google Maps by reordering the stops along your path,” Vazhekatt, Routora’s co-founder and CEO, told Dallas Innovates.

Dallas Innovates

‘A Global Influencer of Technology and Innovation’: Richardson Opens HQ for Its Innovation Quarter
September 15, 2022

UT Dallas will play a leading role in bringing talent and companies to Richardson, as it has helped to do since UTD was initially formed as a research arm for Texas Instruments.

“How will we know what that we are successful in our work here at the Richardson IQ?” UTD President Richard C. Benson and Eugene McDermott Distinguished University Chair of Leadership asked at the event. “It will look something like this: Industry will engage with top researchers from UTD, entrepreneurs will launch startups with our support, and the public will experience academic and skill-building education from one of the nation’s top-ranked research universities.”

Dallas Morning News

Richardson IQ Headquarters Officially Opens as a ‘Global Influencer of Technology and Innovation’
September 14, 2022

Once fully open, the headquarters is expected to include five new research centers and an extension of its Venture Development Center. UT Dallas President Richard C. Benson, holder of the Eugene McDermott Distinguished University Chair of Leadership, said the collaboration between UT Dallas and the city will focus on forward thinking solutions through high growth.

“Collaborations that will be nurtured here are the lifeblood of innovation,” Benson said. “Smaller and mid-sized firms, whether in the field of aerospace defense technology, financial services or next generation communications, can look to the IQ as a resource.”

Dallas Morning News

Going Beyond Goggles: Dallas Senior Living Community Explores VR With Dementia Patients
August 5, 2022

Dr. Jin Ryong Kim, assistant professor of computer science at the Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science, described the benefits of haptics and VR for dementia patients.

“It has the power to make patients feel that it’s real,” Kim said. “Realism, immersion and interactiveness – these kinds of things can make change. Technology is going that way, and one application is this medical field.

Dallas Innovates

Every Last Word
June 24, 2022

“You can’t just have a lock on the front door. You need security cameras inside the house,” said Dr. Kangkook Jee, assistant professor from the Department of Computer Science at The University of Texas at Dallas.

“The game is changing right now,” Jee says about cybersecurity. The goal used to be simply to block intruders from breaking into a computer system. But now it’s essential that a lot more security must be installed inside systems, so hackers and cyber thieves can be tracked if they successfully break in.

CBS News

Ukrainian UT Dallas Graduate Makes a Difference Thousands of Miles from Home
May 19, 2022

In the days and weeks since the start of the invasion, Illia Volkov BS’22 found the determination to make a difference in North Texas. He has joined others in raising awareness about the situation in his home country by taking part in rallies.

“I’m able to show American people this is a pressing issue that will affect them as well, and they need to support and help Ukraine as much as they can,’’ Volkov said.

Dallas Innovates

UTD Team’s Wearable Sweat Sensor Can Detect Key Biomarkers of Infection
May 5, 2022

A team of UT Dallas bioengineers in collaboration with Allen-based EnLiSense designed a device which uses an electrochemical biosensor to detect two key biomarkers of infection. The sensor could be a “significant step” toward early detection of infections like COVID-19 and the flu.

“We have built a technology to unlock and explore the latest frontier in sweat diagnostics,” said Dr. Shalini Prasad, head of the Department of Bioengineering and Cecil and Ida Green Professor in Systems Biology Science, who leads the UT Dallas team and is a co-founder of EnLiSense.

Tech Briefs

Q&A: Radar Imaging at Terahertz Frequencies
May 1, 2022

Dr. Kenneth K. O., professor of electrical engineering and Texas Instruments Distinguished University Chair, and his colleagues at The University of Texas at Dallas and Oklahoma State University have developed an innovative and affordable terahertz imager microchip that can enable devices to detect objects and create images through obstacles that include fog, smoke, dust and snow.

“It can penetrate nonconductive materials like plastic containers,” O said. “Industrial applications include monitoring the dryness of printing on paper and fabrics. You can also think of industrial settings, where you have a steam environment. You need to monitor what’s behind the steam. A really significant application is to see through smoke and fire—an amazing application for fire fighters to help them search for people.”

The Dallas Morning News

UT Dallas Scientists Develop New Technology That Uses Gold Particles to Screen for Viruses
April 26, 2022

“Our technology can reduce the sample testing time to 30 minutes, but the sensitivity can be as good as those molecular tests,” said Dr. Haihang Ye, research associate in mechanical engineering.

People Newspapers

Coding is for More Than Just Your Favorite App
April 15, 2022

UTD started with high school students in 2012 and expanded to include younger campers two years later. Now, coding camps options include children as young as 5 years old.

“We’re a public university, so we need to do the public good,” said Dr. Jey Veerasamy, an associate professor of computer science and director of UTD’s Center for Computer Science Education & Outreach, who sees the potential for coding to benefit youth beyond computer applications.

The Dallas Morning News

Couple Were Experts on a Form of Childhood Cancer. And Then Their Infant Was Diagnosed With It.
April 11, 2022

“Previously, I’d only worked with physicians, oncologists and researchers on neuroblastoma. My son was the first patient,” said Dr. Shashank Sirsi, assistant professor of bioengineering.

EE Times News

Terahertz Imager Microchip Targets
Vision-Impaired Environments

March 31, 2022

The terahertz imager is the fruit of 15+ years of work by Dr. Kenneth K. O, Texas Instruments Distinguished University Chair and professor of electrical and computer engineering at The University of Texas at Dallas.

“Once packaged, [the terahertz imager microchip] could be used like any other electronic components for commercial applications subject to shock limits,” O said. “The performance [of the terahertz imager microchip] is expected to degrade as the temperature is increased. The temperature impact and keeping cool are clearly a subject of further study.”

The Dallas Morning News

Why DFW Is Now Goldman Sachs’ Second-Largest US Hub After Doubling to 4,000 Workers
March 31, 2022

Stephanie Cohen, who co-leads the consumer and wealth management division at Goldman Sachs, said the company has been focused on fortifying its relationships with universities to help attract engineering talent to DFW. On Monday, the company unveiled a branded terrace at The University of Texas at Dallas, which it hopes will “inspire students to want to learn more about Goldman Sachs,” she said.

Goldman will also provide six student scholarships for $10,000 each at UTD over the next three years.

CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

Concerns About Increasing American Cyberattacks as Sanctions Are Issued Against Russia
March 16, 2022

“You have to think about what happens if something fails?” said Dr. Murat Kantarcioglu, Ashbel Smith Professor and UT Dallas professor of computer science. “How do I recover my business? How am I going to make things work tomorrow?”

He said companies should have their networks checked to make sure criminals haven’t already entered them, make sure all software is up-to-date, have backups available and educate employees on best practices.


UT Dallas Professor Warns of Possible Russian Cyberattacks
March 12, 2022

Dr. Murat Kantarcioglu, Ashbel Smith Professor and professor of computer science, says the attacks are a cheap way to access information and cause public panic. He doesn’t believe average Americans will be targeted, but he advised everyone to regularly check their bank accounts.


UT Dallas Professor Says US Companies Should Prepare for Possible Cyber Attacks Amid War in Ukraine
March 11, 2022

Dr. Murat Kantarcioglu, Ashbel Smith Professor and professor of computer science, expects attackers will try to target large financial, infrastructure and technology companies first.

“We always suggest for people to back up their data. If possible, use two-factor authentication. And especially for financial organizations, I always suggest people to regularly check their bank accounts,” Kantarcioglu said.

Optimist Daily

This Microchip Makes the Invisible Visible
March 7, 2022

Have you ever been driving in poor visibility, getting a little nervous being unable to see the road ahead? Well, a new invention from The University of Texas at Dallas and Oklahoma State University may just put a stop to these scary journeys.

“The technology allows you to see in vision-impaired environments. If you are a firefighter, it could help you see through smoke and fire,” said Dr. Kenneth K. O, Texas Instruments Distinguished University Chair and professor of electrical and computer engineering who worked on the project.

Fort Worth Report

Ukraine Invasion Raises Possibility of Additional Cyber Attacks in US
February 28, 2022

Businesses, particularly high-tech and financial institutions, should be on high alert for cybersecurity attacks, said Dr. Murat Kantarcioglu, Ashbel Smith Professor and professor of computer science at UT Dallas.

“Those are the organizations that should be hypervigilant because those are areas where the U.S. has imposed sanctions against Russia,” he said. “Now is the time to take stock of your computer security position. Defense is your best plan, but you also should know how to recover if you do come under attack.”

Science Daily

New Imager Microchip Helps Devices Bring Hidden Objects to Light
February 25, 2022

Researchers from The University of Texas at Dallas and Oklahoma State University have developed an innovative terahertz imager microchip that can enable devices to detect and create images through obstacles that include fog, smoke, dust and snow.

“In industrial settings, for example, devices using the microchips could help with packaging inspections for manufacturing process control, monitoring moisture content or seeing through steam,” said Dr. Kenneth K. O, professor of electrical and computer engineering and the Texas Instruments Distinguished University Chair in the Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science.


Bioengineer’s Son Battles Same Cancer He Has Researched for Years
February 8, 2022

“Would I give this [treatment] to my son? That is really the question that kind of governs our research moving forward,” said Dr. Shashank Sirsi, assistant professor of bioengineering at The University of Texas at Dallas. Sirsi’s son was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a form of brain cancer that Sirsi studies.

Clean Technica Logo

Vertical Access Wind Turbines Not Dead Yet, Says ARPA-E
December 31, 2021

“Texas has lent The University of Texas at Dallas to fulfill a new offshore wind turbine project funded by ARPA-E. Dr. Todd Griffith, associate professor of mechanical engineering at UT Dallas, won the funding in April of 2020 and is expected to deliver the goods next April, so it won’t be long before we see a new vertical axis wind turbine that sports aero-elastic tailoring, coordinates ‘active plasma on-blade flow control with rotor speed control to reduce torque variability’ and sits on a lightweight, stable and presumably inexpensive platform.”

HPC Wire Logo

UT Dallas Partnership Takes Quantum Device Manufacturing to Scale
December 13, 2021

The Department of Energy (DOE) granted two Small Business Technology Transfer awards to Dr. Reza Moheimani, the James Von Ehr Distinguished Chair in Science and Technology and professor of systems engineering in the Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science, and to Zyvex Labs of Richardson, Texas. The grants provide $1.1 million over two years to Moheimani to support his research, as well as $1.1 million to Zyvex Labs.

“What makes it really exciting for me is the nature of the research we are doing,” Moheimani said. “We are creating systems, devices and tools that nobody has created before. They enable us to solve problems that have been longstanding. Others haven’t tried to tackle them because they’re too hard. They require years and years of commitment and resources, and you have to throw everything at them to come up with a solution.”

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University of Texas at Dallas: UTDesign Students Help Innovate Infectious Disease Testing Swab
December 6, 2021

Adaptive3D, a Plano, Texas, 3D-printing company, began developing a flexible and more accurate 3D-printed nasopharyngeal swab for infectious disease testing in 2020 due to shortages at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Students in UTDesign, a senior capstone program, played a significant role in developing the swabs, which Adaptive3D continues to refine, said Dr. Walter Voit BS’05, MS’06, UT Dallas associate professor of materials science and engineering as well as the company’s founder and CEO.

“UT Dallas student research was an important component of this project,” Voit said. “Innovation is the hallmark of progress, and through programs like UTDesign, we are able to tap into incredible student creativity and perspective built upon a firm fundamental, mathematical view of design and mechanical forces.”


Rapid Breath Test for COVID-19 Developed in Dallas
December 6, 2021

A portable, reusable breath test device, designed to provide results in less than 30 seconds, is being developed by Dallas-based SOTECH Health, which licensed the sensor technology developed by Dr. Shalini Prasad, department head, professor of bioengineering and Cecil H. and Ida Green Professor in Systems Biology Science in the Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science.

“The value of the device is actually the high throughput of finding negative individuals, to push them through, to be able to get on airlines get in venues, any kind of venue,” said SOTECH’S founding CEO Craig Micklich.


UT Dallas Bioengineer’s Motivation: Saving
His Own Son

November 23, 2021

“One of the first questions I’m going to ask myself right now is if, God forbid, something were to happen, were my son’s cancer to come back, would I be comfortable giving what we develop in our lab to my own son?” said Dr. Shashank Sirsi, a University of Texas at Dallas bioengineering assistant professor who has devoted the first decade of his career to the study and treatment of a rare childhood cancer.

Dallas Magazine Logo

UT Southwestern and UT Dallas Break Ground on $120M Biomedical Engineering Building
November 19, 2021

“Biomedical engineering and science are a major driver of UT Dallas’ rapidly growing research portfolio,” said Dr. Richard C. Benson, president of The University of Texas at Dallas. “The already robust partnership between UT Dallas and UT Southwestern will take another huge step forward upon the launch of our shared facilities. This partnership will also provide students and faculty with more opportunities to create transformative technologies that will improve lives. We are grateful for the visionary support of Texas Instruments in this endeavor.”

Dallas Magazine Logo

UT Dallas, UT Southwestern Medical Center Unveil Plans for a $120 Million Research Facility
November 15, 2021

“Our gift reflects our confidence in the brilliant minds at UT Southwestern and UT Dallas — to combine medical and engineering talent and resources to solve problems that will advance patient care,” said Rich Templeton, chairman, president and CEO of Texas Instruments, on the company’s transformative gift which funds a new joint bioengineering research facility. “What gets me personally excited is that semiconductor technology will be at the center of the medical discoveries that are made inside this new building.”

The Dallas Morning News

UT Southwestern and UT Dallas Break Ground on $120 Million Joint Bioengineering Research Facility
November 15, 2021

“With the addition of the biomedical engineering sciences building, we create an additional opportunity for higher education and the development of new technologies for detecting and treating Illnesses,” said Dr. Richard C. Benson, president of The University of Texas at Dallas, on the University’s newest bioengineering research facility shared with UT Southwestern.

Spectrum News

UT Dallas Professor Gains Better Understanding of a Pediatric Cancer after Son’s Diagnosis
November 12, 2021

“He’s inspired me to think more clinically about what children go through, what parents go through and how we can alleviate that suffering,” said Dr. Shashank Sirsi, who is a bioengineering assistant professor and researcher focusing on a rare childhood cancer. “When we’re coming up with a strategy or therapy trying to design a new way of treating neuroblastoma, I always ask the question, ‘Would I give this to my son?’”

NTX Inno News

Student, Faculty Entrepreneurs Take Home Thousands at UT Dallas’ Big Idea Competition
November 11, 2021

“(At UT Dallas), one of the things that we’re known for is bringing new ideas, solutions to problems and creating new technology,” said Dr. Stephanie Adams, dean of The University of Texas at Dallas’ Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science, at the Shark Tank-style event. “But we’ve got to change our mindset about how we can capitalize on that, not just because people want to get rich and make a lot of money, but because it’s good for the economy, it’s good for our local community.”

NBC Dallas Fort-Worth News

UTD Researchers Show Connection Between Air Quality and COVID-19 Severity
November 10, 2021

“It makes you think, oh my gosh, I should keep trying to push forward and make a difference,” said Dr. Ignacio Segovia-Dominguez, a University of Texas at Dallas computer scientist.

Segovia-Dominguez is lead author of a study done by UT Dallas researchers, in collaboration with NASA to show the correlation between air quality and the severity of COVID-19 infections across states including Texas, California and Pennsylvania.

Science Magazine logo

How to Begin Building a Culture of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Your Research Group
November 5, 2021

“You have to design for all people—not just white people or women or x,” said Dr. Stephanie G. Adams, dean of the Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Lars Magnus Ericsson Chair on strategic planning with diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives that provide a competitive advantage. “It can only be as effective as the data you pour into it, and if your data is dimensional, you have problems.”

The Dallas Morning News

(Opinion) Investing in UT Dallas Will Accelerate Growth in North Texas
October 25, 2021

“The University of Texas at Dallas is one of the most important accelerators we have,” said John Olajide BS’04 and Ron Nash MS’79, alumni entrepreneurs who are serving as co-chairs for the University’s New Dimensions campaign. “It is our region’s premier public high-academic quality institution and partner to leading academic medical center UT Southwestern.”

The Dallas Morning News

UT Dallas Researchers Connect Texas Air Quality with COVID-19 Severity
October 15, 2021

The air pollutants we emit, such as from our cars, “create a lot of chemical reactions in the atmosphere and produce aerosols. That has an impact on us,” said Dr. Ignacio Segovia-Dominguez, a University of Texas at Dallas lecturer and research associate in computer science.

CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

UT Dallas-Developed Potential COVID-Detecting Breathalyzer Test up for Possible Emergency Use Authorization
October 14, 2021

“We have to find solutions for all ends of the pandemic, and we have to do it quick,” said Dr. Shalini Prasad, head of the Department of Bioengineering and the Cecil H. and Ida Green Professor in Systems Biology Science about a portable, reusable device she co-created that detects molecules that are evidence of COVID infection in a person’s breath. “The idea is to screen people quickly.”

The device is the first of its kind and has been submitted for FDA Emergency Use Authorization in the United States.

The Dallas Morning News

International Student Enrollment Increases at UT Dallas
October 14, 2021

About 2,247 new international students enrolled at The University of Texas at Dallas for the fall semester, which is an increase from 2020-2021.

The Dallas Morning News

A Dallas Biotech Company and UT Dallas are Developing a Rapid Breath Test for COVID-19 Screening
October 13, 2021

“It will have the sensitivity of a screening test, so it will help you quickly identify asymptomatic sick people,” said Dr. Shalini Prasad, professor and head of the bioengineering department and Cecil H. and Ida Green Professor in Systems Biology Science, about the hand-held rapid test to screen for COVID-19 being developed by her lab and SOTECH Health, a Dallas biotech company.


UT Dallas Launches Bootcamp for Careers in Tech
October 10, 2021

“These bootcamps will not only develop qualified tech talent for prominent companies, but also connect students with these local major tech players through networking opportunities and other career services available through the University and Fullstack Academy,” said Dr. Lawrence Overzet, professor and head of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at The University of Texas at Dallas about a series of online bootcamps for Texas residents who want to work in the tech industry.

The Dallas Business Journal

How DFW is Getting More Traction With Semiconductors — and it’s not just Texas Instruments
October 5, 2021

“The Dallas region plays a very important role in the semiconductor industry,” said Dr. William Vandenberghe, associate professor of materials science and engineering, about an international semiconductor conference being held in Dallas for the first time. “Texas Instruments remains one of the leading semiconductor companies with a big part of their research and development and production in the Dallas region.”

The Dallas Morning News

UT Dallas Named One of Best College Campuses for LGBTQ Students
October 8, 2021

Campus Pride selected The University of Texas at Dallas one of the “best of the best” college campuses for LGBTQ students.

Dallas Observer

Hackers Demand Millions from Allen ISD, the Latest District Targeted by Cybercriminals
October 6, 2021

Dr. Bhavani Thuraisingham, computer science professor and Founders Chair in Engineering and Computer Science, said about the need to proper “cyber-hygiene” to make sure computer systems are as secure as possible: “We have to take this very seriously, just like we take the threats of hurricanes and terrorists attacks seriously.”

Community Impact

UT Dallas Primes Tech Talent Pool Amid Surge in Demand in Richardson and Beyond
October 4, 2021

“Nobody ever told us what to do — there were no guidelines,” said Trent Sakakini, a mechanical engineering alumnus about his award-winning UTDesign® capstone project to design a sorting machine for a University of Texas at Dallas spinoff company’s 3D-printed nasal swabs. “Here’s what we need. You guys figure it out.”

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