The University of Texas at Dallas

Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science



Jonsson School faculty members and undergraduate and graduate students perform advanced research to address the grand challenges for engineering and help improve global society.

Working closely with international academic institutions and the Dallas-Fort Worth area’s diverse industry climate, Jonsson School researchers possess both a breadth and depth of engineering and computer science knowledge that fuels innovative work in multiple disciplines.

Some of the more recent Jonsson School innovations include a system that can quickly determine if someone received a sports concussion; software that addressed a widespread cybersecurity bug; a manmade version of the material mullite that could reduce vehicle pollution; a robotic jellyfish with muscles wrapped in carbon nanotubes that runs on renewable energy; and an imager chip manufactured in CMOS technology that could turn cellphones into objects that see through walls.

The school also encourages partnerships with the University’s Office of Technology Commercialization, which seeks to bring the fruit of our researchers’ innovation to the public through commercialization; as well as with the Venture Development Center, which is a dedicated facility housing spin-off companies affiliated with research produced in the Jonsson School and at the University.

Our faculty perform a variety of research for industry and government, ranging from consulting engagements to prototype development. Providing both basic and applied research, Jonsson School researchers have forged significant partnerships with everything from recent start-ups to industry powerhouses. For more information on the groundbreaking research investigations in one of the more than 100 labs, centers, initiatives and consortiums housed in the school, please contact the Jonsson School Office of Research.