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ECE Students Present Educational Tool at Perot Museum

ECE Students Present Educational Tool at Perot Museum

ECE's UTDesign Team, The Resistance

ECE’s UTDesign Team, “The Resistance,” from left to right, Faculty Advisor, Dr. Neal Skinner, Muhibus Chaudhury, Jacquelyn Zbranak, Brett Gabel, Asim Gazi, and Gurman Singh, with their project, “Build-A-Circuit”

Recently, the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering’s UTDesign Team, “The Resistance,” demonstrated their “Build-A-Circuit” project during Engineering Week. The project was on display at the Perot Museum where students, educators, and families came together to learn more about the field of engineering.

The team of seniors included Muhibus Chaudhury, Jacquelyn Zbranak, Brett Gabel, Asim Gazi, and Gurman Singh.

With three different demonstrations, the “Build-A-Circuit” project provided visitors insight into the complexities of engineering by guiding them through the engineering process that resembles real world design and implementation.

“We used we our project as an educational tool for users to better understand DC circuits, current and electricity in general,” the team of students said. “We presented the software side of engineering, leveraging a strip of LEDs and code that we allowed museum visitors to alter. We also invited the user to design a circuit and then physically build it on a breadboard.”

The students described their experience at the Perot Museum as rewarding.

“Not only were visitors attracted to our project, but we also repeatedly noticed users who first interacted with our project and then continued onto the breadboard and physical circuit elements already had built an understanding of circuits without even touching any components,” the students added. “And, as much as the impact we hope we made on visitors’ lives, especially the children who were intrigued with the visual aspects of our demos, the visit also made an equally positive impact on our lives. The positive feedback inspired us to work harder and strive to take this invention to the next level, while the constructive criticism and realizations we had throughout the day will definitely help us in delivering an exceptional educational tool.”

Dr. Neal Skinner, The Resistance Team’s faculty advisor, called the Perot visit a “smashing success.” Skinner gave the team full credit for creating an engaging, positively impactful experience for children.

“I do not believe that UTD, the Jonsson School, the ECE Department or UTDesign could have sent a more enthusiastic, energetic, or positive team of ambassadors for our university, our profession or better role models, anywhere, at any time,” Skinner said.