The University of Texas at Dallas

Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science



Poras Balsara

Dr. Poras Balsara

Interim Dean, Jonsson School

Lars Magnus Ericsson Chair in Electrical Engineering

Email | 972-883-2557

Department Heads

Gopal Gupta

Dr. Gopal Gupta

Head, Computer Science

Erik Jonsson Chair

Email | 972-883-4107

Lawrence Overzet

Dr. Lawrence Overzet

Head, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Email | 972-883-2154

Robert L. Rennaker II

Dr. Robert L. Rennaker II

Head, Bioengineering

Texas Instruments Distinguished Chair in Bioengineering

Email | 972-883-3562

Mario Rotea

Dr. Mario Rotea

Head, Mechanical Engineering

Erik Jonsson Chair

Email | 972-883-2720

Stephen Yurkovich

Dr. Stephen Yurkovich

Head, Systems Engineering

Louis Beecherl Jr. Distinguished Chair

Email | 972-883-2305

Associate Deans

John H. L. Hansen

Dr. John H. L. Hansen

Associate Dean for Research

Distinguished Chair in Telecommunications

Email | 972-883-2910

DT Huynh

Dr. DT Huynh

Associate Dean for Administration and Finance

Email | 972-883-2169

Reza Moheimani

Dr. Reza Moheimani

Acting Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

James Von Ehr Distinguished Chair in Science and Technology

Email | 972-883-4158

Simeon Ntafos

Dr. Simeon Ntafos

Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education

Email | 972-883-2809


Assistant Deans

Jerry Alexander

Jerry Alexander

Assistant Dean for Student Development

Email | 972-883-4373

Christopher Bhatti

Christopher Bhatti

Assistant Dean for Development and Alumni Relations

Email | 972-883-6258

Mette Posamentier

Dr. Mette Posamentier

Assistant Dean of Assessment

Email | 972-883-6216

Rod Wetterskog

Rod Wetterskog

Assistant Dean of Corporate Relations

Email | 972-883-2182

Directors and Officers

 Tarun Basu

Tarun Basu

Facilities Director

ECSN 4.226 | 972-883-4582


Naomi Emmett

Naomi Emmett

Fiscal Officer

ECSN 3.716 | 972-883-2975

Iram Hasan

Iram Hasan

Director of Corporate Relations

ECN 3.712 | 972-883-3533


Brittany Huber

Brittany Huber

Sr. Director of Development & Alumni Relations

ECN 3.712 | 972-883-4909


LaKisha Ladson

LaKisha Ladson

Director of Communications and Marketing

ECSN 3.702 | 972-883-4183


Pete Poorman

Pete Poorman

Director of Corporate Relations

SPN 1.512 | 972-883-3592


Andrea Turcatti

Andrea Turcatti

Director of UTDesign Student and Community Engagement

SPN 1.303 | 972-883-6836


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