The University of Texas at Dallas

Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science



Department Heads

Gopal Gupta

Dr. Gopal Gupta

Head, Computer Science

Erik Jonsson Chair

Email | 972-883-4107

Lawrence Overzet

Dr. Lawrence Overzet

Head, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Email | 972-883-2154

Robert L. Rennaker II

Dr. Robert L. Rennaker II

Head, Bioengineering

Texas Instruments Distinguished Chair in Bioengineering

Email | 972-883-3562

Mario Rotea

Dr. Mario Rotea

Head, Mechanical Engineering

Erik Jonsson Chair

Email | 972-883-2720

Stephen Yurkovich

Dr. Stephen Yurkovich

Head, Systems Engineering

Louis Beecherl Jr. Distinguished Chair

Email | 972-883-2305

Associate Deans

Poras Balsara

Dr. Poras Balsara

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Email | 972-883-2557

John H. L. Hansen

Dr. John H. L. Hansen

Associate Dean for Research

Distinguished Chair in Telecommunications

Email | 972-883-2910

DT Huynh

Dr. DT Huynh

Associate Dean for Administration and Finance

Email | 972-883-2169

Kamran Kiasaleh

Dr. Kamran Kiasaleh

Associate Dean of Assessment

Email | 972-883-2990

Simeon Ntafos

Dr. Simeon Ntafos

Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education

Email | 972-883-2809


Assistant Deans

Jerry Alexander

Jerry Alexander

Assistant Dean for Student Development

Email | 972-883-4373

Christopher Bhatti

Christopher Bhatti

Assistant Dean for Development and Alumni Relations

Email | 972-883-6258

Mette Posamentier

Dr. Mette Posamentier

Assistant Dean of Assessment

Email | 972-883-6216

Rod Wetterskog

Rod Wetterskog

Assistant Dean of Corporate Relations

Email | 972-883-2182


 Tarun Basu

Tarun Basu

Facilities Director

ECSN 4.226 | 972-883-4582


Iram Hasan

Iram Hasan

Director of Corporate Relations

SPN 1.210 | 972-883-3533


LaKisha Ladson

LaKisha Ladson

Director of Communications and Marketing

ECSN 3.702 | 972-883-4183


Pete Poorman

Pete Poorman

Director of Corporate Relations

SPN 1.512 | 972-883-3592


Andrea Turcatti

Andrea Turcatti

Director, UTDesign Student and Community Engagement

SPN 1.303 | 972-883-6836


An organizational chart of the Jonsson School leadership team is available here.