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Degree Plans+

Please note that the year you were admitted to your current major at UT Dallas is the catalog year you will select for your degree requirements.
ECS 3361/2361 is no longer being offered at UT Dallas. If you are under an older catalog, please contact your assigned advisor for substitution information.

Prerequisite Flowcharts +

Guided Electives +

PLEASE NOTE: Not every guided elective is offered each semester. It is your responsibility to plan ahead to take the necessary classes in time to graduate.

Course Descriptions +

All course descriptions are available in the undergraduate catalogue. You can also find a complete list of all courses by semester on the Course Book page, as well as syllabi, textbook list, course evaluation, instructor C.V. and other information.

Changing Majors +

Within The Jonsson School
The Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science (EJS) at UTD currently offers undergraduate degrees in Biomedical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Software Engineering. EJS has a specific change of major process. Click the link below to learn more about our process.

Change of Major Process to Biomedical Engineering (BMEN)
Change of Major Process to Computer Engineering (CE)
Change of Major Process to Computer Science (CS)
Change of Major Process to Electrical Engineering (EE)
Change of Major Process to Mechanical Engineering (MECH)
Change of Major Process to Software Engineering (SE)

Outside of The Jonsson School
For information on changing majors outside of The Jonsson School, please contact the school that houses the major you wish to change to.

Minors +

If you’re interested in declaring a Jonsson School minor, please meet with your assigned advisor to determine if this is a good fit for you. When you are ready to declare a Jonsson School minor, you can submit an online request. Instructions on how to complete this process can be found here.

Please note: If you are a CS/SE/CE major you cannot declare a minor in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or Information Assurance due to the amount of overlap between your current major and the aforementioned minors.

Graduation Information +

It is the student’s responsibility to let their advisor know they are graduating. Ideally, you will want to notify your advisor the semester prior to graduation. Your advisor will conduct your graduation audit (no appointment necessary) and will send you a follow-up email once the audit is complete.
Additional information regarding application deadlines, commencement, etc. can be found by visiting the Registrar’s website graduation page .

Jonsson School Undergraduate Minor Form+

Please consult with your academic advisor regarding the requirements prior to the completion and submission of this form. Students wanting to add a Jonsson School minor must submit the form to The Jonsson School advising office located at ECSS 2.502. Students who submit a request to add a Jonsson School minor will be notified whether the request is approved or denied.