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Degree Plans+

Prerequisite Flowcharts +

Guided Electives +

PLEASE NOTE: Not every guided elective is offered each semester. It is your responsibility to plan ahead to take the necessary classes in time to graduate.

Course Descriptions +

All course descriptions are available in the undergraduate catalogue. You can also find a complete list of all courses by semester on the Course Book page, as well as syllabi, textbook list, course evaluation, instructor C.V. and other information.

Changing Majors +

Graduation Information +

To get started, please review the graduation checklist

  • Students can pick up graduation application materials from the front desk of the advising office in ECSS 2.502.
  • Please make an appointment to see your advisor for a degree audit. The audit may take up to an hour if you fail to make an appointment.
  • Please have the graduation application and exit survey filled out before your graduation audit appointment.
  • To determine whether you will graduate with honors, review the requirements.

Your advisor will sign your graduation application once your audit is complete. To avoid late fees, the signed application must be taken to the University Registrar's office before deadline. Visit the Office of the Registrar for other graduation details.

ECS Undergraduate Minor Form+

Please consult with your academic advisor regarding the requirements prior to the completion and submission of this form. Students wanting to add an ECS minor must submit the form to the ECS advising office located at ECSS 2.502. Students who submit a request to add an ECS minor will be notified whether the request is approved or denied.