The University of Texas at Dallas

Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science


Undergraduate Majors

One of the top public engineering schools in Texas, the Jonsson School has robust undergraduate offerings and a vibrant internship program that places hundreds of undergraduates a year in positions where they earn valuable experience. Our students have open access to professors and research labs, allowing hands-on training. Defining requirements of our undergraduate program are the UTDesign and EPICS programs, which connect students to industry and apply academic innovation to real-world problems.


UTDesign® +

Every engineering and computer science senior at UT Dallas is required to complete a team-oriented capstone project (senior design course). This final project allows students to fully engage in the design process and put in practice their project-management and problem-solving skills. The course gives students hands-on design experience and prepares them for the work world. UTDesign® projects are proposed, sponsored and mentored by companies. Students not only get to work on a real world problem, but also get to work in an environment similar to that of industry professionals.

Dallas Area TUEE Alliance +

The Jonsson School participates in the Dallas Area TUEE Alliance, a group of academic institutions and industrial partners that work to realize the findings of the American Society for Engineering Education Transforming Undergraduate Education in Engineering initiative. The goal of the ASEE TUEE initiative is to address the changes in curricula, pedagogy and academic culture that will be needed to adequately educate and train the next generation of engineers.

Arts, Technology and Emerging Communication (ATEC) +

The interdisciplinary Arts, Technology and Emerging Communication program emphasizes the interplay of the visual arts, music, video and narrative with new media. The core knowledge in this program draws from the convergence of research in the humanities, the creative and performing arts, visual communications design, computer science and engineering. Graduates are prepared for a wide range of careers that demand the ability to fuse images, verbal communication, creative thinking and technological expertise.

Interdisciplinary Studies +

The interdisciplinary Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies degree is ideal for students interested in combining science-based courses, such as Computer Science, with other academic interests. The School of Interdisciplinary Studies also offers a Healthcare Studies degree which combines the science of health and healthcare with the study of healthcare in a philosophical, historical, psychological, sociological and biological context.

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