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EWeek Returns with New Student-Centered Events

EWeek Returns with New Student-Centered Events

Engineers Week is an annual, national event sponsored each year by the National Society of Professional Engineers. Following a hiatus during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Office of Undergraduate Education at the Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science was pleased to bring back its EWeek event with a new focus on student programming.

The Jonsson School’s Office of Undergraduate Advising and Jonsson School Career Services hosted a fun and engaging EWeek with interesting topics for everyone, from community building to career panels.

EWeek began with the first in-person career fair the Jonsson School hosted since the pandemic — more than 600 students arrived to meet with representatives from 20 companies. Throughout the week, students visited with Dean Stephanie G. Adams at Donuts with the Dean, attended tech talks with corporate partners, discussed pathways to success both as undergraduates and as graduate students and shared insider humor through a schoolwide meme contest. Students enjoyed free food and opportunities to connect with fellow engineering and computer science majors.

“What we know is that students are looking for community,” said Dr. Laura Gelles, director of student retention success, who has studied student success metrics in the Jonsson School over the past year. “We wanted to bring back EWeek to focus on events for our students and hopefully help them to connect with each other.”

hiring events

After hosting virtual-only hiring events during the pandemic, the Jonsson School welcomed more than 600 students and recruiters from 20 companies at the Internship and Career Fair. Students waited outside the Davidson-Gundy Alumni Center for their chance to make a solid first impressions.

Interview ready

Interview ready! From left to right, Ezaan Babar, Austin Kortz, Momar Niang and Rami Dababneh
waited patiently and prepared to meet with recruiters.

Temoc stopped by to check out the career fair offerings and cheer on the students who are preparing for their first internships or full-time positions after graduation.

Dean Stephanie G. Adams visited students

On Wednesday, Jonsson School Dean Stephanie G. Adams visited students at the Midweek Celebration. “This is a national event as well as a national movement,” Adams said. “It’s time to celebrate being engineers.” She encouraged students to fill the boards in the room with Post-it® notes sharing why they are proud to be engineers and computer scientists.

Students gathered for treats

Students gathered for treats at the Midweek Celebration as Dr. Laura Gelles explained why EWeek has changed to focus on students within the Jonsson School and provide an opportunity to talk about why engineers and computer scientists stand out on campus.

undergraduate panelists

From left, Sahithi Chundu, Kaye Mabbun, Will Heitman and Willie Chalmers III discussed challenging courses, student organizations, internships, undergraduate research and mentorship. “The biggest challenge has been achieving balance,” Chalmers said. “At UT Dallas, I have had so many more opportunities to connect with cool nerds than I did in high school. It’s fun building things outside of class, but we’re still here for academics.

Computer science graduate student Ujwal Shah

Computer science graduate student Ujwal Shah shared his advice about the graduate experience and community support. “There’s a lot of pressure, trauma and homesickness as an international student,” Shah said. “International students have a time limit. But I was not expecting so many opportunities here. Go out and meet some people — remove any excuses you make.”

EWeek Hangout

On Friday, students gathered for the EWeek Hangout to learn the winners of the meme contest and to enjoy catered appetizers in the Bird’s Nest of the Engineering and Computer Science West building.

Engineers Week

EWeek attracted visitors from within and outside the Jonsson School. From left: Laiba Mehmood, information technology and systems major, Deepa Vasudevan, biomedical engineering major, and Sitara Hariharan, data science major, enjoyed the gathering.

EWeek Hangout

Leaders from several student organizations including Allison Pham (center), president of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) at UT Dallas, attended the EWeek hangout to show their support. The Jonsson School has more than 40 student organizations that provide important career growth opportunities as well as community connections and opportunities to grow new skills.