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The Jonsson Career Services (JCS) has moved to online operations. We continue to provide all career services to Jonsson School students. Email [email protected] with any questions you have or to schedule an appointment.

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All current UT Dallas students have a Handshake account. Handshake is an online database to list internship vacancies and student profiles. Students should start their job search by creating an effective Handshake profile. Click here for instructions on logging into Handshake.

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Technical Resumes>>

A technical resume is needed when applying for positions that require technical skillsets. All Computer Science and Engineering majors will need technical resumes, as opposed to general-purpose resumes. Refer to the resources below for help in crafting a technical resume:

Cover Letter>>

A cover letter is your opportunity to introduce yourself to an employer and tell them exactly why you’re qualified for the position you’re seeking. While not always required, you should include a cover letter on your job applications unless the job posting specifically says that a cover letter is not required.

Interviewing >>

Once your resume has made it past the application tracking system or recruiter, your next step in getting the position you want will be to WOW the hiring manager at the interview.

Interviews can take multiple forms, including a panel or one-on-one interview, in person or virtual format, and include a wide range of behavioral and technical questions to answer. A successful interview provides both the organization and the interviewee with a good idea of skillsets and fit. Having prepared stories to showcase your skills as well as questions to determine if the organization is a good fit for you is the key to having a productive and informative interview.

Check out the JCS Interview Workshop recording below for comprehensive and practical tips to use for your next interview.



GIVING AN ELEVATOR PITCH – Advice from Texas Instruments

International Students >>

All students on the F1 visa must complete the virtual JCS CPT orientation before completing the CPT Application.

For more information, visit the ISSO website

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