The University of Texas at Dallas

Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science



Internships and employment are handled through the office of Jonsson Career Services (JCS).

Talk to Our Graduates

Many Jonsson School graduates take advantage of challenging, lucrative career opportunities right here in North Texas. Hundreds of our graduates, for example, can be found at Texas Instruments and Raytheon alone, an impressive statistic for an engineering and computer science school that’s only 30 years old. In addition to traditional high-tech career paths, more and more of our graduates have found their way in recent years into the business, financial and legal sectors as analysts, consultants and patent specialists.

Hire Bright, Productive Interns

With around 1,000 students a year engaged as interns and cooperative education students – in both the Dallas area and beyond – the Jonsson School program is one of the largest operations its kind.

Hundreds of employers a year take advantage of our undergraduate and graduate students as interns or co-op students. Graduate students often pursue master’s and doctoral research projects as part of these assignments, and their industrial mentors frequently serve on the students’ dissertation committees. Plus, employers get a preview of upcoming graduates, often hiring former interns as full-time staff who are already familiar with the employer’s operations and objectives.

Benefits to Employers

Benefits to employers working with the JCS office include:

Reduce Personnel Cost: Employers are exempt from state unemployment compensation taxes for students working on approved JCS assignments, and fringe benefits are offered at the employer’s discretion.

Reduced Recruiting Cost: The median recruitment cost for a student intern is significantly lower than the cost of recruiting new, full-time, permanent, high-tech personnel obtained through traditional channels.

Flexible Source of Personnel: JCS students are available on a part-time or full-time basis for semester-long assignments. Multiple semester commitments are encouraged. Students on JCS assignments can free experienced personnel from entry-level workloads for the completion of more demanding responsibilities.

Increased Recruitment Yields: We help you create a pool of trained and qualified personnel for permanent employment. Hiring a Jonsson School graduate provides the participating company with a staff member with qualifications that have been evaluated against company standards and have been formally documented by in-house supervisors.