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Job Search Instructions

Job Search Strategies

Instructions on logging into Handshake.

Handshake Student Login

When creating an effective Handshake profile, be sure to:

  • Include an objective- a coherent story of your career interests.
    • Include plenty of keywords to describe yourself and your skills.
  • Upload your resume, and make sure to update it each semester.
  • Complete the entire profile and add references, if possible.

Set up a job search agent so you receive an email notification every time a new job is posted.

Complete everything on your online application, even if the information is already in your resume. Include as much information as possible.

Include salary information/ desired salary range, as a blank entry could cause you to be screened out of the candidate pool. If possible, enter “Not applicable” for salary history, and “negotiable” for desired salary. If the application requires you to enter a number, be truthful.

Add value to your resume (link to resume page) by participating in a student organization-led (link to student org page) project, hackathon, project-based class (link to EPICS), or research opportunity (link to undergraduate research opportunities page).

Be mindful of online privacy; never share your date of birth or your SSN until you have been hired.

Attend informational and on-campus interviews to develop potential leads for jobs.

Attend conferences (link to conference document) to widen your network