The University of Texas at Dallas

Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science


Quick Resume Tips

Technical Resume Section Information

Contact Information:

  • List your name, city, state, email, cell phone
  • List visa status if you require work authorization; Optional: website, LinkedIn, GitHub


  • List your school, location, degree, major, anticipated graduation.
  • Students should have the education section at the top of their resume.
  • It is expected that a student’s current cumulative GPA is stated on their resume.

Technical/Computer Skills:

  • Skills should be in categories that are related to your major.
  • List only verifiable skills, ones that were learned in-class.

Relevant Coursework:

  • Undergraduate students may list brief course titles of major-related courses.
  • Not recommended for graduate students.

Academic Projects/Personal Projects:

  • Academic projects = course assignments from major-related courses, student org projects
  • Personal projects = technical projects completed outside of class
  • Provide the project’s name, identify it (brief course title, “personal project”), and timeline.
  • Brief description of the project, what technical skills you used to complete it, and any results.


  • Provide the organization’s name, your role, and a timeline.
  • Activities section can include memberships, volunteering, competitions, major-related hobbies, etc.

DOs and DON’Ts

  • Do NOT exceed one page in length.
  • Do NOT include personal information on your resume (marital status, nationality, gender, date of birth, hobbies unrelated to your industry, etc.).
  • Do NOT list references.
  • Do NOT include photos/headshots on your resume.
  • Do use reverse chronological order when listing entries with timelines (work experience, education, etc.)
  • Do update your resume regularly to include new skills, recent projects, activities, employment, and your current cumulative GPA.
  • Do use complete formal university/institution name.
  • Do proofread your resume.